Where Fantasies become reality.

To give all of you a little look into who we are behind the adult toys. We are just two goof balls who have been through hell together & came out smiling while holding hands, we live in the hills of Kentucky, We are a family of 10, yes we have 8 kids. We also have 3 dogs, chickens & roosters. We both came from pretty hush hush & simple minded families about sex & being very sexual individuals & very different than what most would call normal we met each other & we sparked an acceptance in one another. We have finally found what drives us & makes us have some excitement that we actually thought we would never have, our business causes an eyebrow raise every now & again but we do what we love & love what we do. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Apart from raising our amazing, chaotic family & seeming like a normal couple We both work part time jobs & run our full time adult toy business. we realized the busting ass life was killing the people that we wanted to be so we took a step back & thought about what we would like to be & have more of for ourselves & we conjured up the crazy idea to make sex toys & months later here we are. We never thought we would actually go too far with this but we are going way further than we ever thought possible, we use to be very conservative with the type of sexual people that we are until one day we just decided that we are who we are & one of the most beautiful parts of life is being your truest & fullest self. So here we are... We make mythical sex toys! Everything we do is hand crafted, everything we make is platinum grade silicone ONLY. We take tons and tons of time to put together our one of a kind toys, We love unique & unusual. We mesh together our passions to give you this one of a kind shop, from your fantasies to your reality. We take pleasure in the strange, the twisted, the taboo and the fun side of sexuality and now own a shop where anyone can feel safe & excited to do the same. We are constantly coming up with new and exciting crazy creations so stay in touch to enjoy this amazing adventure with us.If you ever would like a toy but can't find one to your liking and would like to draw up something or describe something you would like to have you can message us and we can try to come up with something for you, we love a challenge. :) Andrew calls himself The Alchemist because he turns clay into golden pieces. 🧙🏻‍♂️⭐Rebecca calls herself The Sorceress because she is the conjurer of orgasms. 🔮We would like to thank all of you for your support & awesomeness. Without you, this wouldn't be possible! Read More

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